I'm an Artist

My artist hat wants to create something that makes people stop and be amazed. To come up with a creative solution of self expression that is inspired and beautiful. Then again sometimes I just want to doodle on the back of an envelope. Working digitally or with color pencils, ink, acrylic, watercolors or silk screen. It can be a love/hate relationship and I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

I'm a Designer

My designer hat desires to be the guy who helps you create an image that represents you or your business in a way that is functional by design and beautiful by nature. And when I say “the guy” that’s what I mean. Andy Mylin Art & Design is just me meeting with you, one on one. One neighbor helping another to create a product that’s far from standard.

Customer Feedback

Stacy Sublett
“Andy’s work for us has been the perfect balance of timeless and quirky. He took the time to get to know us so that his artwork really had the feel we were after. The pieces Andy has provided for us are still as useful as the day he delivered them.”
– Stacy Sublett | Gathering Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church

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Some of my skills that may be of interest to you

Vector IllustrationPro
Hand IllustrationExpert
Fear of UmbrellasCrazy Scared of being poked in the eye by the pointy end thing!
Whitewater KayakIntermediate... but I have a lot of fun

Need an Illustration or Design?

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