Clay & Melanie are delightful people and excellent chefs/cooks/pie makers. This past summer they closed their cafe in Pleasant Gap, PA in order to focus on promoting their Village Eatinghouse marinades and dressings and to do that they needed a new look.

We first spent our time on the logo and after a variety of revisions we landed on what you see on your right, but at the bottom of this post I’ve attached some of my initial sketches if you’d like to take a look. Concept “D” was the beginnings of the final logo you see here. Oh, you may also notice the thumbnail of a bottle, while designing we always had to be aware of how the logo would appear on the finished product – a 12oz bottle of deliciousness.

The bottle labels were item #2 on the list, for these we juggled back and forth from an illustrative label to a bold color blocked label, after much discussion and polling of friends and family the color-blocked images won out.



Village Eatinghouse offers six marinades and dressings as well as a rub and here they are.

  • Sweet & Sour Italian – their flagship dressing!
  • Sultry & Smoky Italian
  • Bold & Sassy Italian
  • Bright & Tangy Italian
  • Marvelous Poppy Seed
  • Tart Cherry Poppy Seed
  • An Italian Spice Phenomenon (rub)