Do you know Jeffrey R. S. Brownson?
• Associate Professor of Energy and Mineral Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University

Jeffrey’s an Associate Professor and has recently released a book on Solar Energy, this isn’t your Sunday afternoon, lemon aide, lazy read type of book. It’s a text book for use the classroom, it’s full of stuff I don’t understand, but some of it I do. Anyway he reconized that therre were sections that you just need to focus and go into robot mode to really understand the data that was being explained. So he labeled them “Robot Monkey” sections. And to ease the pain a little bit, he decided to illustrate these sections with a comical Robot Monkey – to lighten the mood.

That’s where I came in. Jeffrey had me create a character for his robot monkey. It was fun. I also designed the page layouts and cover illustrations for his book as well as recent tee shirts of “Roby” the Robot Monkey.

Jeffrey Brownson
"Roby" Robot Monkey by Andy Mylin
"Roby" Robot Monkey by Andy Mylin