In 2008, Dannah Gresh pulled together a team of three other authors to create with her the Secret Keeper Girl series.  A fictional series for tween girls focused on four girls in middle school, they are all friend and the story line of each book intertwines with the corresponding books written by her team of authors Suzy Weibel, Chizuruoke (Chizzy) Anderson and Janet Mylin. Moody Publishers printed the books and I got to illustrate the covers and a few spot illustrations for the interior.

With the success of the first series a second series was begun almost immediately but Dannah changed publishers in the middle of the project placing the second series on hold. Here is a variety of art from both series. Enjoy.

Dannah Gresh illustration-by Andy Mylin

The Secret Keeper Girls: (L to R) Danika, Toni, Kate and Yuzi
Scroll down for spot illustrations and the 2nd Series Cover concepts.

Yuzi spot illustration-by Andy Mylin1

Danika spot illustration-by Andy Mylin1

Toni spot illustration-by Andy Mylin1

Kate spot illustration-by Andy Mylin1

The Secret Keeper Girls Unreleased 2nd Series Cover concepts.

Dannah Gresh Book Cover-by Andy Mylin7Dannah Gresh Book Cover-by Andy Mylin6

Dannah Gresh Book Cover-by Andy Mylin5Dannah Gresh Book Cover-by Andy Mylin8