This is part of a personal project I’ve been juggling inspired by Geo Ham who is regarded as one of the finest automotive illustrators of all time. Georges Hamel (Geo) was born in France in 1900. He began getting his work published by as early as 1923, and by the 1930’s was already established as the finest in his field, being commissioned to create the fantastic Art Deco posters for the Monaco Grand Prix, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and many others. He even competed in the 1934 Le Mans race though problems forced him to withdrawal.

Packard automobiles have been a big part of my life. My Dad had a life long love for the cars considering them to be the best machine to ever come from Detroit. He had numerous Packards in his day and introduced me to them at a young age. He left a convertible running one day when I was about two, I stuck it in gear and drove through the neighbors barn- I’m told the Packard wasn’t damaged but the barn was in need of repairs.

In this project I began with one of Mr. Hams illustrations and traded the lead car out for a Packard. You can see this and other Packard designs at my eCommerce site


Packard GeoHam AndyMylin 2