Garren came to me with a growing Millner-Haufen Tool Company and not enough branding to keep up.

Garren’s a tool guy and he literally drills holes in what ever he can find in order to prove his point, that Millner-Hauffen sells tools guaranteed for life, guaranteed to get the job done. Below you can see his flagship product, a drill bit made to cut through anything from porcelain to hardened steel.

We took design ideas from old Northern Pacific Railroad cars. Basically looking for that iconic American feel. On our first project we created a series of over-sized banners, 8 feet tall, using a manly army green color with corroded sheet metal from a railroad car as a background. From there we’ve grown to numerous products and branding, a few of which can be seen below.

Millner-Haufen Bit2Photography by Greg

Booth 96x96x

Millner-Haufen Reduced Shank Bits

Millner-Haufen RouterBits

Millner-Haufen Diamond Angle Grinding Wheel

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