Grace Prep is an innovative, Award winning Christian High School of Academic Excellence. They place a priority on rigorous academics but homework-free evenings. Grace Prep prepares kids, not just for college, but for life. It’s a place of intelligent faith with Jesus Christ as the foundation for Truth and a place where the next thing you see through walking down the hall may be a llama or peacock.

Yep, and I had the opportunity be an instructor at there from 2005 through 2009 teaching art, design, and a variety of other electives. During my stint there I spent much of my time designing and illustration for the school and the parent organization, Pure Freedom. The school seal and the Storm mascot (Ivan – my personal name for him) seen here were both two such projects that aloud me to get creative.

Grace Prep StormIvan originally was designed a bit tougher and was inspired by the Minor League Baseball’s Elsinore Storm. His original look had a goatee in the shape of a lighting bolt which I felt was one of my better ideas, but alas a Christian school needed a humbler mascot which is before you today. A fun project.

The school seal is designed around four core values at Grace Prep – Grace, Jesus Christ, Truth, and the 40 Points of Grace. The scales represent Grace, we may deserve a harsh punishment, but in this instance we don’t always get what we deserve. The school strives to err on the side of Grace. The Cross represents Jesus. The open Bible is Truth and the 40 stars represent the 40 Points of Grace, you’ll have to read them for yourself.

Headmaster, Bob Gresh had this to say of my work…

bobgresh“Andy is an artist with a rare mixture of extra-vagant creativity and dogged dependability. His ability to create original illustrations and his extensive experience with web work set him apart from the crowd.”

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