Doc G’s continues to brew up some great tasting options. Here are two and something controversial.

dubois1I assume you’ve heard of Budweiser. (No, I haven’t done any design work for them.) Way back in the day DuBois Brewery brewed a beer they called “Budweiser” and Anheuser-Busch sued them in 1908 and again in 1940. Doc G’s being based in DuBois and knowing a few people came up with the original DuBois Budweiser recipe. So, they’re making Budweiser… they just don’t call it that.

Thus next time you’re at Doc G’s enjoy a tall cold glass of G-wiser!

We based the design as homage to Mr. Frank Hahne, the founder of DuBois Brewing. Using elements from past merchandise and Mr Hahne’s portrait. I think we did him justice.

Keep scrolling and you’ll find their new small batch Whisky Barrel-aged Beers. A delicious treat and you don’t need to travel over Niagara Falls to get it.